Direct Debit Registration Form


Please note that we only offer direct debit payment plans when we are instructed to do so, and it is a viable option for all concerned. Therefore, if you have not been directed toward this page by a communication from ourselves you should not apply for direct debit payment terms.

Once you have completed the direct debit registration form, we will receive a notification. For the avoidance of all doubt payment plans are set up on the following basis: -

Service Charges - payments will be deducted on the frequency noted in our communication to you. The value of each deduction will equate to your total service charge due in the period, divided by the frequency of payments agreed.

Ground Rent - as these payments are collected on behalf of the superior landlord for your property, they can only be collected in accordance with the frequency specified in your lease. Therefore, a direct debit payment plan for ground rent will enable the collection of the ground rent payments, in full, on or around the specified due date.

Please click on the link below to register for direct debit payments.