Did I make the right choice?


As I write this it’s been 35 days since I joined POD. A team of energised, unrelenting individuals who share a common goal. 

In itself that sentence gives me reason to reflect. In many ways my job change was like any other. I’ve left behind friends, braved a new challenge, met new colleagues, struggled to find my way around the office - it’s tiny :) - and been frustrated by the new commute. 

 However, there is more to it than that. I left an industry goliath for a small, untested and conceptual start up. I broke away from the vast machine, aiming to build a new one, piece by piece.

People inevitably queried the decision, undermined the journey and suggested I turn down the challenge.

As I now reflect, I know with unwavering certainty I chose the right path. I’m more focused than ever, inspired and passionate about the future. I worked this weekend - I loved every second of it. I didn’t need to work, the wheels would have kept turning, the customers would have remained happy - but I wanted to focus on how to make us better. I gave myself time, and I dared to let my thoughts wander, thinking of what we could do to be exceptional, in our industry and beyond. By the Sunday evening I felt proud, I’d truly achieved something, albeit something small in the grand scheme of things...

What about the work life balance you may ask? Of course it’s hard work, but if you commit to a job when is it not what others may call hard work!? What I can say is I feel more positive everyday, I spend more quality time with those I care about and I look forward to Monday! 

I work with a great team, we are honest, collaborative and dedicated. We build on each other’s strengths,  and we never standstill. After just 35 days I know we will always move this business forward as a team - it will be unrecognisable in a year, and that will still be just the start!